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Rewriting my blog in Jekyll

11 Jan 2021 - Garrett Brown

I’ve used a few different services for my blogs over the years. I had a tech blog back in early high school that I made with Weebly, then when I created the blog I have now about half a year ago, I just created html files that I would upload to my site. Needless to say, this got a bit tedious having to copy an html file, rewrite certain parts, then upload it, so I moved my blog over to WordSmith. This was working out well for a while! I really liked WordSmith. But then I decided to redesign my website, as I was tired of the old 90s aesthetic, and I was bored due to the fact that I am on winter break. So while redesigning the site, I decided to try Jekyll for the heck of it.

At first, things were a bit odd. I didn’t quite know how to port my current site over. But after combing through the documentation, I finally got the gist of it. I created the layout files for the site (which make changing things across all of the pages SO much easier), and all of the different pages. Then I worked on figuring out the actual blogging part of it. This was pretty easy as well. I just created a new layout file for blog posts, and ported over all of my old posts from WordSmith. This part was a bit harder, since the importer tool that worked with my site wouldn’t run, so I did it all manually. This wasn’t too hard since it was just a matter of copying the content over and pointing the post’s html file to the post layout. Then, I wrote my first post on it. It was pretty easy to use! I feel it strikes a good balance of ease and fun, since I can host the blog on my own actual site, and not have to deal with the hassle I dealt with before. I was even able to make some changes that made things better after reading the awesome article Kev Quirk wrote about making a Jekyll site with his simple.css framework (which is what I use for the style of the site) like adding more to my footer, or adding Jekyll’s sitemap plugin for better compatibility with search engines. I think I can easily say that I’ve found a blogging platform that I am happy with!

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