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Deepin 20: My New Favorite Distro

26 Nov 2020 - Garrett Brown

![screenshot]( I've been looking around for a new Linux distro to use on my laptop. Don't get me wrong, the distro I used at the time, Zorin OS, was great, but I was in the mood for something a little more interesting, and with a fresh coat of paint. Most of the distros I've used have felt more or less the same. Yes, I can just go and install a new desktop environment, but most of them either just looked like Windows, or were Gnome. And while those are great desktop environments, they felt a bit stale. Then, Apple released their new Macs alongside Mac OS Big Sur. Now, I'm not the biggest fan of Apple and their products, but there's something about the look and feel of Mac OS that's always intrigued me. And while I thought the design of Big Sur was kind of stupid at first, it quickly reminded me of a distro I tested earlier this year: Deepin 20. I absolutely loved it, but as it was still in beta, I couldn't use it as my main OS. But after installing it this time around, it quickly became apparent that all of the problems I had before had been fixed. The Deepin 20 community distro is based on Debian, so all of the software I used on any Ubuntu distros works perfectly. It has all of the software you would expect from a modern Linux OS: a software download center, an office suite, text editors, etc. but it also has a fresh coat of paint to tie it all together. I feel like this takes the polished user experience of Mac OS, and mixes it with the efficiency, customization, and open nature of Linux. Because of that, Deepin 20 has quickly taken its place as my new favorite distro. This is post number 9 of the #100daystooffload series. If you want to start doing this yourself, go to to get started!