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Moving To Wordsmith

25 Nov 2020 - Garrett Brown

I've been writing on my blog for a while, and while one of the reasons I haven't written on it as much as I would like to is the fact that I maintained my own website. this meant creating a whole new HTML file to write a blog post, and even just copying the post into a template and uploading it was more tedious than I would have liked. But now, I've decided to officially move my blog to the Fediverse with Wordsmith! So far, its been really easy to set up, and writing this post is a lot easier! I also like that it still gives you control over the site's CSS code so I can still give it the classic "Space Jam" style I love! I think this will make it so much easier to just sit down and write in my free time. This is post number 8 of the #100daystooffload series. If you want to start doing this yourself, go to to get started!